My Story

Just thinking about my old lifestyle makes me cringe! Not that I have any regrets, just a completely different view on how I want to live my life. 

I was a mac n cheese girl!

Yep, I LOVED the good old packet pasta. Add in loads of butter and presto, meal made!

Sometimes I would even make cake batter and just eat it raw, yep the whole batter! I would binge eat until I felt sick but I would do it again and again.

Health, fitness and well-being was not on top of my priorotie list. I was more a party, junk food and watch TV kind of girl. I was chubby, constantly bloated, sick and had no knowledge about health or nutrition. 

It wasn’t until I moved to London and met a boy that I started to take notice of my body and how I felt. 

For a long time I was not happy in my own skin. I was very self conscious about the way I looked and knew that if I went out to eat I would leave looking 4 months pregnant and have the WORST stomach pain.

Meeting Jack gave me a reason to really look at my lifestyle and gave me the inspiration I needed to give my lifestyle an over haul. Not that he ever said anything to me it was just me wanting to be my best for him and for once feel comfortable and happy within my own skin.

I had no idea about nutrition, exercise or even where to begin.

So I took it upon myself to research and teach myself to cook deeply nourishing meals. It took a while but I learnt about my food sensitivities, I started walking and found an amazing park near my house in London which had free gym equipment. I had no idea what I was doing but it was a start.

I loved experimenting with cooking and started to really feel amazing! I was happier, felt fitter and was starting to feel confident. I soon realised that my binge eating was me trying to fill a void in my life. It comforted me, it was something I could always turn to and I knew that it was something I could control. As soon as I became aware I dug deep and found what was missing, a feeling of belonging, love and respect for myself.

This gave me the fire I needed to make these changes a permanent part of my life. Once we returned to Oz, I joined a gym and continued the lifestyle.

It took a few years to get to where I am today but I think that slow progress was best as I was starting from scratch. It was hard and I had to stay positive and keep my vision insight.

My journey has driven me to be the health and wellness coach I am today. 

I want to help others who feel stuck or lost find their path again. Re ignite that fire that once burned in past health gurus bellies and create a happier and healthier life for others and their families.

Knowledge is power but only if it is shared.

Now, I LOVE my life. I love feeling happy, light and bursting with energy. I love nourishing my family’s bellies with whole foods and creating delicious tasting desserts.

Becoming a health coach means I get to live my passion every day. I get to meet beautiful souls who are just starting their journey or who have maybe got a little off track. 

Depriving our bodies, slugging it at the gym and creating non realistic changes is NOT my thang!

Life should be FUN, filled with delicious food, moving your body in ways that work for YOU and getting in touch with your inner soul sista! This beautiful, is what living happily healthy is about.

My little fam bam