My Mentality Kick: Learning to live life a little less serious

Hey Gals,

I hope you are all enjoying your week and are enjoying this beautiful spring weather (if you are in Australia).

After a week of feeling a little on the not so good side I can offically say I am FINALLY feeling back to my normal self (thank goodness!!)

If you have been following my Instagram (@blissfulhealth_) you would know that our household got struck with Viral gastroenteritis. It was a nightmare of a week and looking after a 9 month old when your sick….well let’s just leave it at that. I am sure all the Mummas out there can relate!

So, I have pretty much had a week of wearing my miss negative pants. Everything sucked, wasn’t fair, I was over it and then the mum guilt flooded over me as Hux had to be taken care of by his Grandparents. Yep the whole world was against me and to top it off the house was a PIG STY! Literally 6 loads of washing that needed to be put away amongst dirty dishes and unmade beds. It was this moment that I had to give myself a little wake up call…..It does NOT matter!

When I had to let all of the above go I realised that I have been a little too harsh on myself. Looking back I always had a list of things I NEEDED to get done which is ok, but what about the things I WANTED to get done?

This began my mentality kick. I have always said that to live a happy and wholesome life you need to infuse love into all areas of your life. If you just work on one you run the risk of becoming stressed, overwhelmed and exhasted. For me this was trying to maintain a clean home whilst bed ridden with gastro ( I know right!?) So I knew something had to give and I knew it wasn’t something physical, it was all mental.

My mentality is all or nothing, it always has been but it’s something I let overcome me and instead of it being a positive thing it became a chore. Always giving 100% even if my heart wasn’t in it. So this is what needed to change. Now for me to say yes it has to be a big HELL YEAH or it just isn’t the right time/task for me at this moment.

This has enabled me to take life a little less serious allowing me to only spend my time doing the things that actually light me up and make me happy. I always ask myself 2 things before saying yes or committing to anything.

Is this going to bring me closer to the person/life I want to be/live?

Am I willing to give this 100% of my time and effort?

Girls, I promise you these two questions have changed the way I think about EVERYTHING! It has completely flipped my life around just by allowing me to focus on the things that bring me joy rather then the things that bring me down or zap my energy.

Now I can hear you saying, what about paying bills or going to work? That doesn’t necessarily make me happy. I totally get it and it’s all about that mentality around the task. You may not enjoy paying bills but you love that it gives you money to travel, electricity to cook nourishing food and internet to connect with your loved ones. Would you say a HELL YES to this? I think so. It’s all about that mentality.

So if you have had or are having a week like I did, or maybe you are biting off more then you can chew I encourage you to try a Mentality kick of your own. Ask yourself those two questions when faced with a challenge and make sure everything you do is with a big HELL YEAH!

Much love,


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