My battle with self acceptancence

Ok gals, I am going to be real with you all and share something that has controlled my life for sometime. Over the years I have been asked ‘what was the one thing that made you choose to become a holistic health coach?’ For me the answer was never simple. So many areas in my life needed attention and my life needed a major overhaul however, it wasn’t until recently that I discovered the true reason I travelled down this incredible path… My battle with self acceptance.

To me self acceptance is exactly that, accepting who you are, where you are and for all you are becoming. I always struggled with knowing my identity and where I belonged even from the time I was little I always had some sense of doubt and uncertainty.

As I got older I started to feel lost and confused. I used food as a comfort to help cover my emotions that I didn’t understand. Food was the one thing I could control and I would sometimes eat until I felt sick. This is where my unhealthy relationship with food started. I gained weight, felt sick all the time and felt so unhappy within myself. I hated the way I looked and dreaded anybody seeing my body.

The battle had started and the worst thing was that my loved ones had no idea as the battle was within myself. So many girls and women have this struggle each for different reasons and this was mine. To be honest, I still had this struggle up until Hux was born.

I had conditioned myself to wake up everyday and analyse by body, picking it to pieces and listing all the things I didn’t like. Oh gosh I am cringing even writing this but it was the truth. This was the WORST way to start the day and of course only fuelled my lack of self acceptance and body shaming.

So what changed? You would think having a baby would only create more doubt and hate and I would be lying because at first it did. My body changed in so many way and I did struggle at the start to recognise and understand my new body. I would look in the mirror and grab my excess skin and think ‘all that hard work has gone out the window’ but that’s not true.

It only took me to look at this incredible miracle baby to realise life is freaking amazing. I mean what is perfect? I always thought if I looked a certain was that I would be happy, if I didn’t have stomach rolls and was super lean that all my questions would be answered. I used to train super hard to achieve what I thought would make me happy when all it did was made me tired, depleted and forever chasing an impossible goal.

After having Hux I took sometime to fill up my very empty cup. I started listening and taking my own advice like I would with my beautiful clients and started doing the ‘inner work’ I always go on about and something shifted. I started to feel comfortable, calm and like I had finally found my place in this world. A light had switched on and I could see everything that I had been missing. I was freaking free!!

Holy moly it is a good feeling. I no longer strive for perfection, I practice gratitude towards my body everyday (even when my inner mean girl pipes up and yes she still does), I eat more intuitively and abundantly, I feel so happy where I am and what is to come (so many exciting things in the works) and most of all I am just loving being me.

So if you are someone that struggles with self acceptance I want you to do your inner work. You have absolutely nothing to lose but everything to gain and don’t worry ya gal Emma is here to help.

Inner work checklist

1. Ask the big ones

• What would make you truly happy? Not what society wants, it’s what would make you scream with excitement happy like you’re at a spice girls concert.
• What is stopping you from achieving this?
• What needs to change?

2. Self care

• Are you looking after yourself? Do you do atleast two things a day for you? If not GF today is the day!

3. Positive self talk

• This was the one for me. Instead of talking yourself down try the opposite and start listing what you love about yourself.

4. Eat intuitively

• This needs a blog on its own but to put it simply listen to your body and what it’s telling you. It knows best and what it needs so before you get fist deep in a packet of chips (I’m totally guilty here) ask yourself what is it I am actually craving?

5. Show up for yourself everyday

• Only you have the power the change your perspective. I always say to myself ‘If today was my last day how would I want to live?’ the next step… start living that life beautiful.

These 5 steps are just the beginning of something seriously life changing and for the sake of not making this blog any longer (if you’re still reading your amazing!) I am going to email all my subscribers my full inner work checklist so you can start creating your best life yet. If you aren’t a Blissful Health member you can subscribe on the homepage of my website.

Alright this mumma better get this day started and go and get my little man who has just woken up. I can’t wait for you all to read this and to start experiencing some major self love

Much love,

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