Finding balance and creating harmony

Balance, the key to health and wellness. We strive to create more ‘balance’ but what the heck does that even mean? And how do we find it? Balance by definition means: a situation in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions.

OK so if I have this correct, to find balance allwe need to do is ensure all areas of our life are equal. Sounds easy enough tome! Let’s see, we have home life, work life, social life, relationships,physical activity, education, finances, spirituality, creativity, health oh andme time…that’s a whole lot of areas that need equalising, eek!

So, it may be a little harder than we firstthought. To create ‘balance’ you first need to know what it means to you. Weall have a different vision of what a balanced life looks like and it wasn’tuntil a few years ago that I realised balance is individual to each and everyone of us. It all comes down to your values and what is most important to you.

It is easy to look at influencers on social mediawho seem to have their lives all figured out and feel slightly helpless whenyou step back and take a look at your own life, feeling like your running on ahamster wheel. Dishes are piled up, laundry needs putting away, that pile ofpaperwork is getting higher, that book is still sitting there unread and welllet’s not even mention you haven’t washed your hair in let’s just say a LONGtime.

So how do we find the yin to our yang, the ebb toour flow? First it’s time to stop comparing. Not everyone is open to sharingtheir not so successful photos on Instagram, instead always posting how wellthey are doing and how ‘perfect’ their lives are. Not that there is anythingwrong with this but it is important to realise we all have our ‘dirty laundry’.Just because people don’t post about their bad days doesn’t mean they don’thave them. Trust me, we have all had days where we stay in our PJ’s bingewatching our fav TV show chocolate in hand.

So I guess what I am trying to say is not to puttoo much pressure on yourself to find the ‘perfect’ balance because there isalways going to be a part of your life that you need to put love and energyinto. Balance isn’t a destination, its a process of learning about yourself andyour life, finding out what works and what doesn’t and we will always need totweak things each day depending on where we are at.

There are 5 key things I look at when I feel like Iam juggling one too many things:


First you need to learn to listen to your body.What are your warning signs? You can’t expect to drive around and not run outof fuel right!? Luckily our car let’s us know before this happens. However somany of us see the warning sign but keep on driving hoping we can make it thatextra few k’s (I think it’s safe to say we have all done this). Knowing whenyour body is running on empty is vital to establishing a more balanced life.Once you know what your warning signs are you can start taking a look at whereyou can start making changes.

Second, what’s most important to you? What reallyneed’s doing today and what can wait until tomorrow? Better yet what can youdelegate to someone else? You may have been sitting at work all day and youknow your warning sign is that you start to get snappy. Being stuck inside anoffice all day doesn’t nourish your soul but you know you need to cook dinnerwhen you get home. What’s more important to you right now? Going straight hometo cook dinner OR going for a walk after work to breathe in some fresh air andstretch your body? Maybe there is someone at home that can start dinner for youto allow you to do this.

Emotions, this is a big one. Checking in withyourself on a daily basis is so important. Have you ever had a day where youremotions just get the better of you? I know I had one of those days when Istarted writing this blog. It was just ‘one of those days’. I knew I wanted tofinish this blog but I was mentally and physically exhausted and I knew that Icouldn’t give you the best of me until I had taken care of myself first. Thatbrings me to our next step….Self care.

So what did I do? I put the lap top away, took somedeep breaths and cuddled my little man until my partner got home. I then took anice long shower and it was AMAZING! I felt so much better and decided sleepwas much more important so I had an early night and woke up feeling sorefreshed. I was trying to do too many things at once. Cook dinner, play withHux, do laundry, write my blog and clean the house all whilst writing a blog onbalance. Ironic huh?

So then what? Once you are aware that your life needs a little TLC, you have thought about what is important right now, you have tuned in with yourself and taken a little time out, it’s all about the planning. To make life that little bit easier I have attached my Balance day planner. Planning your day is like taking a weight off your shoulders. It helps you get things done without the added pressure or stress. You can find it below.

With the release of my new eBook finding balancewas essential for me. I am so lucky that I have an incredible job and luckilyas a health and nutrition coach I have learned so much about creating a lifethat you absolutely love to live every single day. So if you are all for livinga life with less stress and more joy you should totally check out my eBookbelow. Full of yummy wholefood recipes, wellness guides, healthy tips and selfcare advice.

It’s time to stop wishing and start living.

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